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Claire Botterill Painting Workshops

Mixed Media full day Art Workshops
Tutor Claire Botterill
10 am till 4 pm
£69 per person

All materials supplied
Plenty of tea and coffee supplied all day
Please bring your own packed lunch

Phone or email Claire to register
07760 357733

or Nat at the Gallery PHOTIQ 01926 833212, nat@photiq.uk

Following is the suggested programme for these workshops, please feel free to bring along your own choice of subject to work from and achieve through a relaxed way of working.

These workshops are based on Claire’s personal style of working in ink, wax and water colour.

Saturday 8th February: White Hart Stag
I will be helping you through the drawing of the stag and deer in different poses and will be supplying photographs to work from, many taken at Bradgate Park, Leicestershire with historical landmarks including  the home of Lady Jane Grey (Queen for 9 days in July 1553) and the folly Old John.

Saturday 21st March: Blue bell woods
That fabulous carpet of blue that transforms your view, you will be guided throughout getting the correct blues light and dark. I will be guiding you through achieving a water colour wash for the spring sky glowing a pinkish gold, in contrast with the dark foliage of the holly, silver birch bark and other trees. My inspiration is from a local wood at Hartshill Hayes, Nuneaton and from its hilly terrain where you can view several counties.

Saturday 4th April: Faberge Eggs
Carl Faberge, one of the greatest goldsmiths, and jeweller to the Russian imperial court. b 1846  d1920.

We will be studying his designs and I will be encouraging you to create your own design.

I will be showing you how to draw hens’ eggs from life, understanding their form and how to create a 3D effect with the shading of light and dark and using metallic inks to portray the precious metals he used.

Saturday 16th May: Beautiful Greens of Jephson Gardens in May
Jephson gardens has a fabulous selection of foliage where we can learn how to mix the great variety of greens to be seen in May. We will be working from several photographs of the park.

Saturday 20th June: Summer Solstice Skies
For the long days and plenty of light we will be using water colour wash techniques to create the illuminated sky, graduated colour blending from pink to deep ultramarine blue, golden sunsets, purple sunrises.

Fun with cloud formations those Cirrus high mare’s tails that foretell of good weather giant Cumulonimbus dramatic and exciting. When all dry we can add a silhouette of a town scape, tree line or Stonehenge!

Saturday 25th July: Doorways around Leamington
You are invited to bring to this class a photo of a doorway you have observed from around the town or your own (many people do like to portray their own doorway). Do not fear! I will be helping you with the drawing and how to get the correct angles when drawing the door slightly ajar and showing the light coming from inside the building.

Plan of day

  • Introduction and a cuppa.
  • Demonstration of a simple subject in the technique I shall be teaching you.
  • Warm up exercise where you will be getting the feel of the materials and what you can do
  • Drawing of subject. I monitor and support you through out, showing you lots of tips and techniques.
  • Working in the various media with ink pens and wax crayons how to create lovely texture effects with these and your rough paper, how to loosen up and let the materials work for you!
  • Lunch break usually about 12.30
  • Colour mixing tuition, including explanations on light and dark and how to get the best effects from your water colours to complete your painting
  • I realise that I will be giving you a lot to think about and learn during this session and so it is nice to slow down a little and take a step back to see where we have all travelled, I call this an appreciation time where we all gain from each other’s perceptions and discussions to see your work through another person’s eyes, this brings your awareness back to what is good in your work as we all know we can be very busy trying to correct what we perceive as faults.

I must add that I don’t do a criticism at the end I help guide and direct through the session and remember we are not at work or school this is purely for your own development and pleasure.

Materials and tools used, all supplied on the day

  1. Water colour paper Bockingford Not 425gsm stretched size 28 x19 cms
  2. Test pieces of Bockingford for practise and testing colours
  3. Scrap paper
  4. Water colour brush, Proarte Polar size 12 and 6, large wash brush
  5. Saa paints lemon yellow
  6. Burnt sienna
  7. Ultramarine
  8. Quinacridone magenta
  9. Paynes grey Windsor and Newton artist quality
  10. Sennelier orange
  11. Water pots
  12. Kitchen towel
  13. Parker Vector cartridge pen with Quink black ink cartridges(don’t buy the ones that say washable)
  14. Crayola wax crayons
  15. Water colour pencils, Derwent are good don’t use Inktense for this project.
  16. 2b pencils
  17. Sharpener
  18. Eraser
  19. Palettes

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