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Andrew Kerr

Oxford, United Kingdom

Andrew has been a photographer since the age of 8 when he acquired his father’s Kodak pocket folding camera.  Studying in Belfast during what was known as the Troubles, he photographed life in the city for the student newspaper and occasionally local and national newspapers, with his work published and exhibited in both Ireland and Britain. Since then his work has focussed on that which needs to be carefully observed to produce an image which rises above the mundane and holds the observer.

The distorted car caught in the hubcap… the rusty slave shack,  hardly changed since it was first built but now painted in bright, optimistic colours so encouragingly incongruent with the lives of the earliest unfortunate occupants… such are examples. A 10,000 mile motorbike trip across America provided the opportunity to see parts of the country rarely visited by outsiders. This selection of photographs, a subset of his series Americana, are from that trip.

All prints are produced in a limited edition of 25

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