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Fusión – original mixed media abstract art by Nathaniel Coalson. (Details below)


Nathaniel Coalson, 2020

Photograph, pigment print on metallic canvas, gold and iridescent foil.
36x24 inches, framed to 37.5 x 25.5 inches in a dark wood tray-style frame.

"This new series is inspired by the properties of physical matter and the way it interacts with light. When I discovered this huge steel dish, I was immediately attracted to the dual circles, reminiscent of a planetary system with a sun. As with most of my photography, you see it exactly as I found it—I haven't manipulated the photograph in any way. There is a mystical quality to the arrangement of the circles with the patterns and their visual characteristics, which I have enhanced by applying gold foil by hand to follow the contours and textures of the image.” –Nat Coalson